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Greetings, Southwest Florida outdoor enthusiasts!

Season is coming and along with it lots of new activities will be added to our website soon.

The South Regional Conference is being held Oct 13-15, for more information go to 

Some highlights of upcoming programs at our meetings:  October – we will focus on Trail Safety.  Some of our members are attending the Trail Skills training and will bring back information about trail safety and first aid.   In November we will have a presentation given by representatives of Picayune Strand State Forest.  There are many trails in Picayune and we have many wonderful activities each year in that area, as well as working on the trails.  In December we have our Alligator Amblers Christmas Party.  It’s a great, festive occasion each year.  JoAnn will host the event and more information will follow.  January’s program will be Sharon, Deb and Andy sharing their experiences rafting the Colorado River and exploring the Grand Canyon.

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