201907 July Activity Calendar

JULY 2019

Thursday, July 18,  Alligator Ambler Meeting, Perkins Restaurant, 20320 Grande Oak Shoppes Blvd Estero,  6:00 pm start time, light dinner or snack optional.
Sunday, July 21, Snorkel trip,  10:30 am at the main entrance to the concession bldg where the tickets are purchased.  John Pennekemp State Park, 102601 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, Fl   Marker 102.5   Take a boat ride to the beautiful reefs in the first underwater park in the USA.   There are hundreds of beautiful tropical fish, corals, sea-fans, sea-grass, conchs, sea urchins and the occasional sea turtle. The water is crystal clear with visibility at 40 ft or more.  Public invited.  Limit of 15 people.    RSVP to Brenda   239-594-0401  Cancelled


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